• Geographically, the PIIT is located in the city of Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, in the 10th km of the highway to the Mariano Escobedo International Airport.
  • It is only 20 minutes away from the center of Monterrey.
  • Its location grants easy access by land to the United States through the two main commercial roads connecting Mexico and the US, as well as by air to the rest of the world, being less than 5 minutes away from the Mariano Escobedo International Airport, and 20 minutes away from the Northern International Airport.
  • The city of Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, has the highest amount of industrial parks in the State, which allows easy communication with the industrial sector.

How to get to the PIIT?

From the Mariano Escobedo Airport:

  • Leave the airport towards Miguel Aleman highway.
  • After passing the administrative offices of the airport, take the U-turn.
  • Turn right towards the toll road to Monterrey.
  • After the overpass; take the first exit to the right and make a U-turn, entering the highway to the airport again.
  • The entrance to the PIIT is 1.8 km away from the U-turn.

From the center of Monterrey:

  • Take Morones Prieto Avenue in the east direction, continue until the boulevard bridge and from there take Constitución Avenue to the east.
  • Continue straight until you reach the toll booth.
  • Take the right lane with the sign marked “AEROPUERTO”.
  • After the toll booth, continue in the right lane towards the airport.
  • Once in the highway to the airport, the PIIT is located at the 10th kilometer to the right of the road.