Research and Technology Innovation Park (PIIT)

Based on the objectives achieved thus far at the Research and Technology Innovation Park (PIIT), it is expected that in the mid-term the park will establish itself as the nucleus of the regional innovation ecosystem. It will attract and concentrate financial resources, urban equipment, scientific and technological infrastructure as well as leisure areas to encourage interaction, that will allow the PIIT to evolve into a technopolis, and later, a city of science and innovation that will revitalize urban and industrial areas in the region.

The PIIT is comprised of 110 hectares and offers world class infrastructure and services. It houses over 30 research centers dedicated to R&D and to the development of technology based businesses.

The PIIT is one of the strategies outlined in the project Nuevo Leon: Fostering the Knowledge based Economy and Society, which includes amongst its long term objectives to increase the per capita GDP of the State, through the transition from an industry based on manufacturing, to one based on knowledge, as well as through fostering a culture of high value innovation and entrepreneurship.

Is an active member of the Association of University Research Parks (AURP) and the International Association of Science Parks (IASP), which incorporate the most recognized science and technology parks of the world. This helps the PIIT to have continuous exchange experiences towards its consolidation.

The PIIT is at the 10th kilometer of the new highway to the Mariano Escobedo International Airport.

The strategic, but not exclusive, areas being developed in the PIIT are:

  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • Mechatronics and advanced manufacturing
  • Information technologies
  • Sustainable housing development
  • Medical services
  • Clean energies
  • Advanced materials

Basic information

  • The park comprises 110 hectares dedicated
    solely to R&D.
  • 2011: Expanded from 70 to 110 hectares.
  • The first center began operations in 2007.
  • 34 research centers (1st stage).
  • 4 high technology business incubators.
    (nanotechnology, biotechnology, IT, and sustainable building and renewable energies).
  • 2015
    • 26 research centers and 2 Incubators of High Added Value (currently operating).
    • 2,360 jobs created (researchers, technicians and managerial staff).
    • +300 linked projects.
    • Accumulated investment of USD $600 million (state, federal and private funds).
  • Sustainable urban development through “Innova City” project covering 2500 hectares around the PIIT.