Business Incubators

I2T2 Business Incubators encourage the creation of new businesses based on innovation, scientific and technological development in the areas of Biotechnology and Nanotechnology. They also assist existing businesses in launching new products.

In these Incubators you will find infrastructure for research, as well as qualified personnel in the areas of technology and business, among other key tools, that will help you go much faster from conceiving the idea to launching the product and increasing your chances for success.



  • Technical consulting in the development of products and processes

    We will help you determine, from a technical perspective, if there exist the processes and materials needed to develop your product and service. If they don’t exist, we will help you through the processes of development by linking you with research centers and universities. We will also advise you on the processes of scaling and prototyping.

  • Business consulting

    This service is offered through a strategic alliance with the Global Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CGIE), and it covers the following basic areas: market research, finances, organization and governance for the business, which allows the incubees to set a firm base for their new business.

  • Funding consulting

    We will help you find funding by informing about available funds, such as: CONACYT, Economy Department-CONACYT, National Entrepreneur Fund, NAFINSA, FIRA, BANCOMEXT, FONLIN, among others. We will also help you choose the fund that best fits your needs (maturity of the project, status of your business, linkage with other organizations in the business ecosystem) and will give you feedback on your applications.

  • Networking with other actors in the business ecosystem

    The I2T2 incubators have a networking service which will help you establish relationships with Research Centers and Universities to develop the concept of your entrepreneurial idea. Also, through an agreement with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI, by its abbreviation in Spanish), we will advise you in matters of Intelectual Property to protect your developments.

    In addition, the location of the Incubators inside the PIIT technology park encourages networking with other businesses present in the park such as: Arris, PepsiCo–Gamesa, Sigma Alimentos, Prolec–GE, Viakable, Katcon, Metalsa, Schneider Electric, among others, which can help you join production chains. We will also put you in contact with Clusters related to the focus areas and the Center for Technological Liaison (CVT) which is a part of CAINTRA NL, also located in the PIIT.

  • Office space, pilot plants and laboratories

    Our incubators provide you with the necessary infrastructure to support the early stages of development of your business, which includes office areas, laboratories, and most importantly, pilot plants, which allow the development of prototypes and even support small scale production so you can make your first sales.

Infrastructure by Area of Focus

Nanotechnology Incubator

Nanotechnology lets us manipulate matter at the scale of atoms and molecules, creating materials with scientifically improved properties, which are in growing demand. The Nanotechnology Incubator focuses on the synthesis, production and characterization of nanoparticles, nanomaterials and nanointermediates.

Biotechnology Incubator

Biotechnology can be described as the use of living organisms, or parts thereof, in the development and production of new products and technologies. In its first stage, the Incubator is focused on the development of bioproducts and bioprocesses for the food, agri-food and environment industries.


Incubation Model


Our model is divided in 4 main stages, each one with specific objectives. These stages are: Diagnosis, pre-incubation, incubation, and post-incubation.
Diagnostic: Its goal is to gather information regarding the project, through an application filled by the applicant. This information is then analyzed in detail by an evaluation committee.

Pre-incubation: Its goal is to validate the technical viability of the Project and to determine if there is a possible market for the product or service.
Incubation: It will take you through the development of commercial prototypes and production at the pilot scale which will allow you to have your first sales, and will end in the graduation of the business. This stage takes place in the physical location of the incubator which will provide support and equipment.

Post-incubation: It aims to increase sales until the business is well established, which includes scaling the production process to an industrial scale, outside the incubator. This stage allows for the creation of new businesses as well as new production lines in already existing businesses; it can incorporate a project at any stage of maturity.

Why should I incubate?


I2T2 incubators are meant as a bridge that will help you shorten the distance and overcome obstacles between the conception of the idea and the release of the product in the market. Our services help create successful businesses.
• Awards. I2T2 incubators are certified as high impact incubators by INADEM, which makes it possible and easier to apply for funds in general and to the National Entrepreneur Fund in particular. Additionally, the Nanotechnology Incubator is certified as the 8th best University Associated Business Incubator by the UBI-Index (University Business Incubators-Index, based in Stockholm, Sweden).

• Help in obtaining funding which allows the entrepreneur to pay for the initial stages of pre-commercial development.

• Access to scientific and technological infrastructure available for pre-industrial scales, which allows you to optimize the process and even have your first sales, avoiding the need to invest in expensive equipment from the start. In addition, the time taken to launch the product is reduced significantly because our infrastructure is already installed and ready to operate.

• Specialized technical consulting for businesses in the biotechnology area, as well as consulting in business matters and commercialization of technology, to give you all the necessary knowledge and increase your chances for success.

• Networking and coworking services with strategic allies which will support your activities and integrate into different parts of your process.


Resident Businesses

Nanotechnology Incubator

Biotechnology Incubator


Nanotechnology Incubator

  • Nanostructured products
  • Fabric with UV protection
  • Antibacterial toilets
  • PVC piping with antibacterial or UV protection
  • Motor lubricants that prevent wear
  • High temperature resistant silicon materials
  • Durable insulation
  • Hydrophobic surfaces
  • Glass coverings

Biotechnology incubator

  • Biofungicide made from citric yeasts to inhibit phytopathogenic growth
  • Biofertilizer
  • Cow growth hormone production
  • Production of antigens for vaccines and transglutaminase

Alumni/Success Stories

Nanotechnology Incubator

Nanomateriales S.A de C.V., is a business focused in the merchandising of nanotechnology products developed by their commercial partners and the manufacturing of nanomaterials and development of new products and processes for a variety of industries.

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